Candy or...?

TEAL PUMPKIN PROJECT - Now, sure, I used to scoff at those who would hand out tooth brushes instead of candy but well, I'm not a parent. And, truth be told, I do think that the amount of candy that some kids are now able to collect is...well, kinda frightening really!

We don't have food allergies but I know lots of people who do. I can get behind the Teal Pumpkin Project--which is basically about offering non-food items at your door on Halloween night--but I can't bring myself to actually put a teal (ugh) pumpkin outside my place. I will, reluctantly, admit some people have made it look good.

I usually limit our offerings to "chocolate or chips." I didn't include any type of nut treats for a long time but I've added a few back. I also have lots of hard candies and toffees on offer because back here in Canada I've got more options. Sometimes I have some hand made Halloween decorations or dollar store Halloween items (erasers, pencils, decals, etc) on offer. Not this year tho.

This year, 2019, will the 2nd year in which I will have candy, chips (or chocolate?) as well as comics!