Monday, 9 December 2019

Saturday, 30 November 2019

The power of dust

She awoke in a desert. The air was hot and bright.

Sitting up she squinted into the light.

On the horizon she saw a city, ribbons of asphalt and endless towers of concrete blocks.

She stood and began to walk towards it.

One day the sun grew dim, shining weakly through a haze of red dust. On another it was ferociously hot and she stopped to take shelter in the shade of a small, lone tree. The tree told her to keep moving, adding with a soft sigh..."good luck."

One day she found herself within the city.

Hostile eyes followed her as she moved through the streets but still she stumbled on.

A tower, lined with tiles of taupe, sprang up before her. She stood at its entrance unsure of herself. A noise coming from the left startled her.

She entered the tower and began to climb its steep steps. When she could climb no further she found herself staring at the surface of a heavily carved wooden door. She pulled at the handle struggling to make her way through to the terrace on the other side.

The terrace was wide and covered with small, cracked tiles of blue and white. From here she was able to look out at the emptiness from which she'd come.

The emptiness was slowly filling up with the growing city.

She was tired. It had been a long walk. So she lay down on the hot, cracked terrace tiles and looked up into the sun.

Stared up until she could no longer see -- or the sun set. She was not sure which.

Sand and dust fell on to her body every day. Still she stared upwards.

One rare day the sky was a brilliant blue. On another it rained and washed here eyes clean.

But the dust returned and covered her over once again.

A day came when she could no longer move.

And then, one night, under a bright crescent moon, she blew away...

Thursday, 28 November 2019

Saturday, 23 November 2019

Gallows Pole

Saturday, 16 November 2019

Blood in the Snow

So, I just heard this amazing song on the latest Folk Radio show on Mixcloud. It's not yet released so I can't embed anything for you but here's the description...

"London-based alt-folk trio Thickets are to release ‘A Winter Warning’ in December; what began as a Christmas carol soon took a macabre turn to become instead a winter murder ballad..."

And here's a little taste of the lyrics:

...for the treetops do shiver and the north wind doth blow
and the snow starts to fall 
and the snow starts to fall
and down by the woods where the river runs still
a young maiden's voice, screams that shatter and shrill 
as god's weary children lie sleeping in bed
the snow by the hedgerow grows crimson and red, 
it glows crimson and red, it glows crimson and red...

And then while searching out an appropriate graphic to decorate this post with, I typed in "blood in the snow" and then stumbled on this!

Click here for more info.

A day of discoveries! If only I didn't have to go into work early :(

Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Lord of Tears

Ok, you know how you occasionally stumble onto amazing things you've never heard of? Well, a couple of weeks ago someone came into the comic shop (where I work) and asked us if we had any other Living Dead Dolls. They were looking for something specific. Alas, what they were looking for was not available for order through our distributor. However, whilst perusing what was available my colleague and I had a closer look at this...WTF *?

And that led to this...

And then this.... :0

Sunday, 10 November 2019