Saturday, 5 October 2019

Stained Glass Saturday

That stained glass window with the spider really stuck with me. So, let's explore some other stained glass imagery associated with the spider and its webs.

Here's a beautiful one from St. Mary's Church, Katowice in Poland.

The altar in the transept supposedly dates from the 15th century, whilst the wonderful stained glass windows on either side of the nave representing sin and virtue are the work of Adam Bunsch (1896-1969). - Source

In this case I'm going to guess the spider was representative of a virtue.  It's endless web spinning associated with the domestic task of spinning fleece into wool. I might be biased.

Read more about the cultural depiction of spiders here.



Lady M said...

That is beautiful. I am looking to put a small stain glass window over the door to my bedroom and I cannot decide between a spider web or fall apsens.

Pik-Cor said...

Oh, tough choice. Let us know what you decide!

If I ever get around to asking my husband's Uncle to make us a web window there'd be no more worries about having time to decorate the house at Halloween!