Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Return to Devil's Bridge

So, if you find yourself wondering what to watch tonight I've got a suggestion, Hinterland. Available on Netflix. This is not a fun watch but it certainly is atmospheric and creepy.

posted about the first episode of this bilingual Welsh crime drama back in 2014. We were living overseas and our access to the show was sporadic (as was its filming and broadcast dates). We never did get to see Series 3.

Thanks to Netflix my husband and I were able to remedy that recently. And guess what? Yep, the series 3 returns to the location of the first...the creepy children's home at Devil's Bridge. (I have a particular affinity for stories about children's homes having spent several years of my own childhood in one.)

So, if you find yourself watching the first episode of Series 1 and think, like I did, that there is something going on with Superintendent John Powell? Well, you would be right.

And in this, possibly the last series of Hinterland, we finally find out what that is.

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FYI - My husband and I watched The Witch the other night. Perfect viewing for the season...although I do have some questions. Which can all be explained away by it being based on folktales and folklore...however.  And apparently it links up to his recent film, The Lighthouse.


Lady M said...

I have watch it all - do you know if they will do anymore?