Sunday, 27 October 2019

Comic Fest 2019 & Comments

Yesterday was Comic Fest. I dressed up as a Prisoner of Azkaban courtesy of some men's striped pjs I found years ago. I've done this before. It's easy and kids recognize it. Plus we have a ton of Harry Potter merch at the store.

I've also got my mini comics for handing out again! Underdog for the little ones and something darker for the teens.

Just a short blog housekeeping note. I rely on blogger to send me emails when someone's posted a comment. The link takes me to a page where I chose to publish or not. The other day I noticed something within blogger's interface that said "awaiting moderation" and found a bunch of comments that have gone unnoticed and unpublished (some, admittedly, were spam). No idea how that happened! All are published now and apologies to those who thought I was ignoring them :(


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Oh, I thought it wasn't possible to comment on this blog! The comment link only appears by clicking on the post title. It is absent when just scrolling through the main blog page.

Well, now that I know this valuable bit of info . . . be prepared for my comments on every post, LOL!

Lady M said...

Do you have more pictures? I would like to see this prisoner of Azkaban costume.

Pik-Cor said...

Always happy to see comments :)

As to pics of yesterday, no. BUT I will be wearing my prison garb again to hand out candy on Thursday night so I'll try and get some pics then ;)