Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Grave Robbing

So recently, in the graveyard of a smaller rural Newfoundland community, a young man broke into a slab top grave c. late 1800s, and took some of the remains. A lot of the remains pulled from the grave were left scattered around the graveyard and elsewhere. In fact, he may have been located by following the trail of discarded bones.

There were also rumours that he'd been caught at home boiling the bones. At first it was thought he was making soup...!? But, I heard that this guy is really into skulls and wanted a human one. He'd been frustrated in his efforts to get one online so....


He is being charged May 1.

This is what encouraging foraging gets you.

Police, medical examiner at Foxtrap cemetery linked to alleged grave robbing

Conception Bay South grave robbery shocks neighbour