Thursday, 23 August 2018

Go off the Beaten Path...

...or should you? As I've stated before people go missing in the woods here. I'm not sure if I've mentioned Cortney Lake; it is a tragic tale.  While true that disappearing people is not specific to where I live there have been a couple of recent disappearances to add to the province's list.

But if you are brave of heart and willing to experience some truly beautiful landscape here's a bit of info re: planning a Fall getaway to Newfoundland.

This place is also crazy mushroomy. Passed at least 5 different types on our walk this morning ....

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Thar be pirates!

Walked down to Quidi Vidi with a friend on Sunday. We went cause it's a nice walk and we wanted to nose around The Plantation.

Lots of St. John's residents, as well as tourists, come down here for a taste of life "out around the bay." Even amongst the newer McMansions there are still many parts of Quidi Vidi reminiscent of the busy fishing village it was in the past.

You can even detect a trace of the pirates that once roamed these waters..!