Wednesday, 1 November 2017

"The dead disturb me. They don't let me sleep."

On this All Saint's Day a little dose of reality for you. Especially if you ever find yourself wondering why so many people risk so much to escape across the Mexican border to the USA. It just goes to show that when corruption affects even the government and police what choices do the people have? If the situation were reversed and things were as bad in the USA (and let's be honest, Trump is frightening on many levels) would Mexico be thinking of building a wall?

Maybe. None of us, even here in Canada, seem to be immune from a fear of refugees and immigrants. I mean, we're not talking zombie hordes, we're all just people. Unfortunately, some people have to cope with a shittier reality than others. So is it any wonder they try to escape it? Wouldn't you?

This man's story, and the work he's taken on, is heart wrenching. He's a saint in my books.

For three years, Mario Vergara has ventured regularly into the hills of the southern Mexican state of Guerrero, searching for the remains of his brother Tom├ís. Although he hasn't located his brother, he's found dozens of buried bodies—but this isn't unusual—in fact, it's only evidence of a much larger problem.

Vergara is part of a loose movement of buscadores, or searchers, who spurred to action after the disappearance of 43 students in Iguala. The students went missing after a confrontation with security forces in September, 2014 and the search for their remains resulted in the discovery of dozens of other bodies buried in mass graves.

The case of the 43 blew the cover off the epidemic of forced disappearances in Mexico, where more than 32,000 people are estimated to be missing. It's only one symptom of a series of deeply entrenched issues...