Friday, 10 November 2017

Gotta light?

Spoilers ahead....

Twin Peaks - The Return is not something I feel equipped to talk fully about yet. But I do agree with much of what this article in Rolling Stone says. Except for the part about it being ground breaking tv. I think the ground's been Lynch himself back in 1990. This feels more like a return to the very familiar, albeit mostly cinematic, world of Lynch. Echoes of Eraserhead, Blue Velvet, Wild at Heart and, of course, Fire Walk With Me...they are all there.

And so too is a certain despair. Sure we're all getting older and a little world weary but there's not much to counter balance the feelings of "oh, what's the use we're all going to die anyway." It's true a number of original cast members are no longer with us (watch the dedications after each episode) and several of The Return's cast members were ill and died during shooting or soon thereafter...which has gotta have an effect. Oh yeah, then there's the actual world we live in full of 'fake' news, sexual predation, climate change, corporate cannibalism, and Trump. And while the final conversation between the log lady (actress Catherine E. Coulson was dying of cancer during shooting) and Deputy Hawk was touching her words to Hawk, “You know about death, Hawk, that it’s just a change, not an end" ring hollow.

Where's the hope?

During much of the first 10 incredibly slow paced and dialogue deficient episodes I found myself feeling distinctly disappointed, uncomfortable and maybe even a touch annoyed. Things do pick up in the final 8 episodes in terms of the action, and no one does crazy coincidences like Lynch, but I felt like I was racing to the end (yes, I binge watched) so I could just get it over with.

For me The Return was not an escape into the spooky, occasionally tragic, but ultimately charming world of Twin Peaks. This is a place of failed good intentions, violence, and...evil. The upside down.

Lots of good music tho. Here too.