Wednesday, 11 October 2017

The Changeling

Life has been hectic...more on that later -- so I've found myself woefully behind in my posts. Also in the Halloween spirit. So to try and get the old ectoplasm flowing I decided last week to watch The Changeling. I was going to save it for Mat Night but I was particularly tired this day and needed some couch time. Besides there will be other things going on Mat Night to keep us busy.

So, I first came to know about this film because an old boyfriend loved it and thought that, other than The Wicker Man (1973), it was one of the scarier movies he'd seen. Now maybe he'd described enough of the plot to me that I ended up thinking I'd seen it. I was familiar with the bouncing ball scene and I remember there'd been a tragedy and a subsequent move by George C Scott's character but after that everything else was like watching something I hadn't seen before! And that was great because this is a really good spooky vengeful ghost story; similar to What Lies Beneath (2000) or Lady in White (1988). Definitely worth a look if you haven't seen it.


Caffeinated Joe said...

Have not seen this one in years. Recently I heard someone say it has great scary scenes but isn't overall scary. Will have to see for myself.

Richard S. said...

I wouldn't call it "scary" - just well written with great acting. Nice to see a horror movie where all the main cast are adutls - and act like it!

(The Countdown to Halloween sent me here!)