Friday, 20 October 2017

Seasonal Beer

I'd forgotten that most of my booze related posts were in the before times. Before I deleted the blog and then started it up again. Fickle? Maybe. Either way it means the year of Hobgoblin is gone! Also the year of Mr. Dan Ackroyd's Crystal Head vodka (still have the bottles). So, here we go.

Now, I'm a beer person. I started out as a beer person then switched to wine. Later I moved on to single malt or vodka and the occasional splash of tequila here and there. In the last decade I've landed solidly and honestly back on the side of hops. At this point in my metabolic life, I'm better off with a pint or half.

So, with a bit more effort than last week I went out and scored some seasonal brews. Wychwood Brewery's offerings are usually top of the list. Happy to say I scored some HobgoblinDunkel Fester, ScarecrowGinger Beard and, of course, Black Wych (isn't this t-shirt cool!).

I also picked up the Belgian Moon (USA) cause the label seemed seasonal and, well, pretty. I drank it the other night and would definitely get it again. A bit hopsy but with a nice hint of citrus. Haven't tried the St. Ambroise Pumpkin Ale (QC, Canada) so looking forward to that!