Saturday, 28 October 2017

Safety First

Working at Spirit Halloween has given me some insight into parents who buy costumes. First of all you should know there are more adults than children trying on costumes. Second, of the kids that do try them on there seems to be a choice between a costume for indoors or one for outdoors. Costumes for outdoors, trick-or-treating, need to be a larger size so that long underwear and sweaters can be worn underneath. Costumes for indoors, a Halloween party often at school, need to fit...well, at least mostly fit. Listen to Gerry Seinfeld's Halloween clip for more on the fun of kids, costumes and Halloween; it's a classic!

So, as for masks, well, some costumes at the store come with them so I wouldn't know whether or not they get worn. But I can tell you that the majority of our masks are for adults. The mask section of the store, while popular, doesn't need to be restocked as often. Why? Well, sure, the masks are fun to wear around the store but it's not long before we find them abandoned on the floor. Yep, every day I have to put back the wolf mask...or the alien...or the Beast...or that minion nemesis guy in Despicable Me. And then there are those crazy clowns!

"No, sorry, we do NOT have the clown from IT."

Thanks to the Internet Archive for this little safety video!


Rook Wilder said...

Working for Spirit, eh? To whom I give tons of free, if somewhat salty, publicity every year when I start having a go at costumes. How are those "Stranger Things" costumes selling this year?

P.E. Cor said...

Not so good. It might just be a local thing as a lot of people I’ve spoken to here have not seen it. Or the place may have sold out by my next shift. The amount of merchandise that has moved in the last week is incredible. The pace during my shift yesterday was insane! Mermaids went fast as did the few unicorn costumes we had. Wonder Woman very popular as are scary clowns.