Monday, 30 October 2017

More Mat Night

Soooo...while on the other side of town yesterday we ended up with a flat tire. Luckily we had one of those cans of foamy sticky stuff that you can inject into the tire to get you where you're going. Which was home. That meant a change in plans for today. This morning we were up early to get the winter tires out of the shed and into the car. It's about that time here anyway so we figured it was a good time to get the tires changed. Also got us a good deal on a new set of summer tires.

Because of the tire problem and the fact that I forgot hubby has to work this evening, well, we changed up the schedule. Last night we carved the pumpkins and watched the two Tooms X-files episodes. Both episodes made me scream...heeee hee! We also watched two episodes of Stranger Things....cuz hubby can't watch one tonight. By the way, I'm loving Season 2!

That evening walk in the woods is off too. But not just because hubby has to go to work tonight. The weather's looking iffy for this evening -- calling for fog and maybe rain overnight -- but I won't be walking in the woods tonight mostly because of what happened on our last woods walk with the cats.

On Friday we harnessed up the cats and headed out the gate and on up the usual route. But both seemed somewhat reluctant. Sometimes the older one, Cat #1, will be but the younger one, Cat #2, is usually quite keen. By the time we got to our usual little loop both were acting nervous. Cat #1 stopped at the crossroads which is where I left hubby and her. I went on ahead with the Cat #2 who NEEDS the exercise. Well, we need him to get the exercise so he'll nap for a few hours instead of yowling at the door.

Anywho, I was going to take the loop back around and meet hubby and Cat #1 in the usual place a little further up the path from where I left them. But clearly the cats' could smell something. Even Cat #2 started acting nervous and stopped moving forward. At this point it was just quicker to keep going round the loop but to keep moving I actually had to pick him up and carry him part of the way. When I did put him down he went shooting forward at such a clip I actually had to run to keep up!

Hubby and Cat #1 didn't make it to the meet up spot but I could hear him calling. I met them back at where I'd originally left them because Cat #1 had refused to budge. Soon after I left them there my hubby told me something started moving fast through the undergrowth. It was moving away from them but towards where I was with Cat #2. Which explains why I had to pick up my little buddy and carry him. And indeed I could smell something a bit ripe on the air.

We hightailed it back to our place with the cats pulling us the whole way!

Could have been a fox...

So, today is candy prep and a bit more decorating round the front door. If the weather holds, might add some cobwebs to the cemetery out front.


Caffeinated Joe said...

An adventurous day nonetheless, but you survived! Hope your Halloween is more enjoyable.