Wednesday, 18 October 2017


One of my two favourite chapters in The Hobbit is Flies and Spiders; the Mirkwood chapter. Nothing in any movie version has ever come close to my childhood imaginings of that dreaded, forbiding, dark, spooky place. I still find being alone in 'the woods' somewhat creepy. And thanks to Stranger Things, that has not changed.

So imagine my genuine delight when we bought this house and built a gate in our back fence to access the greenbelt behind it.  It's where we routinely walk our cats. There are trails in there for moose (yep, we've seen tracks), dogs, walkers, and mountain bikes, as well as ATVs (grrrrr !). There are also areas off the trails where the trees are so close together, well, very little could get through. We refer to those sections as Mirkwood. (You may recall my incredibly long winded post about people disappearing in the woods?)

Yeah, I bought this