Thursday, 26 October 2017

Long Meg and her daughters

You know I love me a stone circle! Another deleted post from the before times focused on an all too brief visit I made to Avebury back in 2010. Ever since watching Children of the Stones back in the 70s, I've been fascinated with the megalithic features and sites in Europe's landscape. Click here to watch a recent episode of Walking Through History featuring Stonehenge.

If I can dig out my Avebury, Stonehenge, and Newgrange photos I will repost. In the meantime, here's a stone circle I did not get to. One associated with a witch.

The most famous of the many legends that surround the stones is that they were once a coven of witches who were turned to stone by a wizard from Scotland named Michael Scot. It is said the stones cannot be counted - but, if anyone is able to count them twice and come to the same total - the spell will be broken or it will bring very bad luck. Another legend states that if you walk round the circles and count the number of stones correctly, then put your ear to Long Meg, you will hear her whisper. The name itself is said to come from a local witch, Meg of Meldon, who was alive in the early 17th century.[18] From a certain angle, the Long Meg stone resembles the profile of a witch. Long animal bones found buried at the site may have been misinterpreted in the past as a 'Giant's bone and body'. - Source


Caffeinated Joe said...

Pretty cool. Haven't ever been to one of these type of sites, myself, so thans for the pseudo-visit!