Sunday, 22 October 2017

In Search of...


We finally have almost everything we own under the same roof. And that includes ALL the books we've had in storage here and there.  I tend to give my books away whereas my husband does not. So the bulk of the boxes we've been unpacking are my husband's (he is a teacher as well as a bibliophile).

I did find a few books of mine I'd forgotten about. Including In Search of Frankenstein by Radu Florescu. I used to have In Search of Dracula too, but I think I gave that to someone. Florescu was the first guy to link Bram Stoker's vampire with Vlad the Impaler, by the way.

In case you are interested here are a couple of links to articles about Florescu after he died in 2014.

Radu Florescu, Scholar Who Linked Dracula and Vlad the Impaler, Dies at 88 - NYTimes
Radu Florescu - obituary - The Telegraph

I get the sense that after In Search of Dracula the Frankenstein book was disappointing for some as it looks more at the influences on Mary Shelley as the writer of the story rather than searching for a real Dr. Frankenstein or reanimated patchwork corpse (although there's a bit of that too).

Mary Shelley would have been exposed to much of the era's budding scientific research and breakthroughs through her father and philosopher / publisher, William Godwin (explore Shelley's Ghost a virtual exhibit about Mary and William's relationship). There was also the inspiration and influence of the gloomy and rainy Swiss vacation in 1816 when Byron, Shelley, et al entertained themselves with ghost stories at Villa Diodati.

For more on that 'holiday' you can read the fictional re-imagining in Haunted Summer by Anne Edwards. Or try watching the more dramatic movie versions in Gothic (1986) or Haunted Summer (1988). Gothic is the somewhat campier version but features the mesmerising Gabriel Byrne as Byron. Worth seeking out for his performance alone.


Caffeinated Joe said...

Haven't read the books or seen those movies, but they do seem fun. Their little summer get-together has certainly inspired a lot, from themselves and others.