Friday, 13 October 2017


Friday the 13th. Well, I could post something about bad luck, black cats, walking under a ladder, or that movie but instead I've gone another way. Today it's all about 'hygge.'

If you haven't heard the term before then check this out here. Basically, it's Danish for a somewhat indefinable variation on our term 'cozy' but tinged with lots of nostalgia for 'simpler' days. I gotta say my only trip to Copenhagen was full of hygge. There was that amazing restaurant where the only lighting in the entire place was candles. And, oh the old jazz they played! There was the canal boat/bar we stopped in for a warming tipple. And then there were all those outdoor vendors and Xmas markets (sorry, I have to mention the time of year) and versions of glogg (a kind of mulled wine) on offer everywhere. I felt like I was in some version of heaven. But no, it was just Danish hygge.

Regardless of the politics behind the term (for that you can read this here) I feel the snap I took at Lester's a few weeks ago captures it. Certainly the feeling I got on that chilly, overcast day when I walked in from Lester's fields and saw that fire, felt it's warmth, and found myself smiling uncontrollably at the other people in the check out line...well, MUST be hygge!

And those two pumpkins just make it, don't they? Sigh...