Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Explore at your peril

Who doesn't like a good ghost town? The first and, admittedly, only ghost town I visited was in southern Alberta. I have to also admit to being incredibly disappointed. Just a few deserted timber buildings surrounding a failed mine. Not even that old really. What was I expecting? Something spooky, I guess. I was with a family member who was not interested in exploring inside the buildings, for which my younger self was secretly OK with. So maybe it was a bit spooky.

If you've ever read, seen, or played Stalker you might find this particular place spooky. I'm sure it is in the depths of the loooong arctic night.


But I'll share something else with you (discovered last year) that I have found incredibly eerie. Those videos posted on Youtube by explorer types who use Google Earth to spot things in the middle of seemingly nowhere and then go investigate. There's also the more urban/rural explorers like these guys in the UK who recently explored an abandoned mansion supposedly owned by Pink Floyd.

Chilling and thrilling.