Saturday, 21 October 2017

Apple cider

My husband is a fan of apple cider. One his favourites is the Nova Scotia brew, No Boats on Sunday. I'm not a huge fan of cider but even I like this very crisp and apple-y beverage (review here). Also love the label (see below).

Now, if you are looking for a good scare with apples at its core (forgive me) then you might want to watch the video below. It's the first episode of Midwinter of the Spirit, which I posted about a couple of years ago. It's based on Phil Rickman's book Wine of Angels; a mystery series with Reverend Merrily Watkins as the protagonist/detective/exorcist.

This story features a creepy old man, a spooky old apple orchard, and ciiiiideeeerrrrr (reference to the audio book).

The Guardian Review here

Crossed oars will keep the demons at bay! Source


Rook Wilder said...

You never have to apologize for a pun. Just know that.
Like your husband, I too am a fan of cider. I am also a fan of Nova Scotia based solely on the name of the place. That said, there is no way this bev is going to make it all the way down to Virginia, I'm sure. The review you linked does make it sound like something I'd drink though. Apparently I am one of only 2 human beings that likes the Southern Tier pumpkin ale on tap at Prima Italia where my friend works, so I probably cannot be trusted in this respect.