Saturday, 16 September 2017


So, I'm still hard at work on our house. STILL unpacking boxes and paring down the stuff we had in storage and all that we accumulated in the last decade. I'm glad the place we bought is a bit on the small side because it means we are actually getting rid of things instead of poking them away to be un-used and forgotten (although there is still some of that). Once I've put aside enough "to be got rid of" I'll make another trip to one of the charity shops down the street. Luckily there are three!

As well as that and the ongoing painting -- which I'm avoiding right now --  there is the actual breakdown and disposal of the many boxes we had our stuff in. When I have enough of those I make a trip to the dump and their big recycle bins. I found this box recently and thought to take a pic before I tossed it in with the heap for recycling. I love the way the cat appears to be sliding down the corner of the box!