Thursday, 31 August 2017

Retro watching on Netflix

In anticipation of the 11th season of X-files in 2018, hubby and I decided to re-watch all of X-files (tv and movies...or at least what's available on Netflix) for the next several months. We recently finished Season 1 which was fun.

It was fun chatting about where we were when we first saw particular episodes. Commenting on 90s fashion styles (those ties!!) and technology (remember telephone answering machines!). And which episodes were well remembered and which were almost entirely forgotten was interesting. And then there are the guest stars; my husband spent time looking up various actors on IMDB after too many brain cells were popped from trying to remember what other shows we knew them from.

Of course, knowing what is to come in the X-files mythology means seeing huge holes in that particular part of the narrative. I'm glad they are dropping most of that for the next season. I felt the show was at its best when Mulder and Scully were sparring over monster-of-the-week theories or doing stand alones (that fantastic haunted house Christmas episode, for example).



Rook Wilder said...

That's funny, because a year ago the wife and I started to do the same thing, via Blu Ray. We were moving along at a good clip but then paused our watching and have been a bit distracted by my newly acquired Corner Gas box set. We are looking forward to the upcoming 11th season however, and I suspect we'll get back to the marathon soon.

P.E. Cor said...

I'd forgotten that the Anasazi story bridges Season 2 and 3. It's where I first learned about Navajo code talkers. I always felt the writers dropped the ball though. Could have been bigger, better part of the whole alien plot line.

We're well into Season 3. Watched one of my favourites last night with Peter Boyle as the death predicting insurance sales man. Which is also the episode in which I first learned about "auto-erotic asphyxiation"!