Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Early sightings...and The Butcher's Boy

Last week I stopped into a coffee shop and noticed a container of pumpkin spice in amongst the cinnamon, nutmeg, and chocolate options. I sprinkled some into my coffee.
And today, at a different coffee shop, I noticed pumpkin muffins on offer. So I orderded one.

I wonder what the butcher's has on offer?

Haunting, eh?

Also, you should know that the last year has been, well, crazy. After 10 years overseas (in two 5 year stints) we returned to Canada last summer.

Since that initial big half-a-globe-away move back, we moved twice more. Locally, yeah, but three moves in less than a year? As proud as I am of my packing skills I am sick to death of boxes!

In the subsequent three months since finding our little forever house, we've unpacked most of our stuff. The last of the boxes and furniture bits from storage have to be reclaimed and moved in and well, it's now going slow. Yech. I've almost reached burn-out phase.

But we have done a ton of stuff around the place including painting most of the interior. My husband has proven to me that his claims to be able to build things with wood is...true! He built new steps for the back, put a gate in our gateless back fence. He's even building bookshelves now!

Must be the motivation of owning over renting.

I tired now....zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.