Wednesday, 2 November 2016

The post-Halloween Post

So, how was Halloween 2016?

Well, must admit this year the spirit was...distant. I had very little of the Halloween fever coursing thru my veins. I blame it on the move and still being distracted by all the real world concerns that continue to tumble over and down through my brain.

The Halloween Spirit, however, was very much alive in this neighbourhood! I had the busiest night EVER handing out candy. Many cute little skeletons, ninja turtles, fairies, peculiar children (which I'd mistaken for a ghostly mummer) and a 'banker' in minature! At least that's what I think he said he was.

As well as the incredible number of trick-or-treaters I was absolutely delighted to witness, right outside the living room window, a community dance performance of Jackson's zombie-filled Thriller! Now THAT was certainly a treat!

I had prepared, well in advance, about 80 treat bags. They mostly contained a mix of candy, chocolate and some sort of Halloween themed thing; plastic witch fingers, spooky pencils, witch/ghost erasers, etc. Minus the 6 or 8 bags that were pillaged before the night, I had nothing left by 7:12 pm!

Luckily a friend across the street was able to top me up. And tho things did slow down after that the trickle of older kids didn't stop till after 9 pm. Among that age group of trick-or-treaters was a David Bowie and a rapper who wouldn't rap ("hey lady, it's a costume...duh.") The guy hanging out with the rapper held out his hand to me and when I asked him who he was supposed to be he said "Uh, I'm a guy from my school...Declan." Ha!

Thanks Spirit of Halloween :)

PS - Does someone know why my paragraph spacing screws up after I insert a photo? Can't see anything in the code and it's driving me crazeeeeee!