Sunday, 2 October 2016

Spooky Movie Night!

I've been saying for years that 'someone' should film a good gothic horror on the Avalon in Newfoundland. I mean, come on, the place is FULL of fog at certain times of the year. And the capital, St. John's, is full of shadows. The town rises on a steep vertical from the harbour front with crazy little lanes connecting streets...some through people's back yards!

I remember walking through the streets and lanes of a seemingly deserted downtown St. John's late one July night through a hazy mist. It was perfect for a Hitchcock thriller or Hammer Horror. The fog seems to dampen sound so it was eerily quiet...except for the foghorn.

I mean seriously, it was a scene right out of The Fog!

And after recently watching both the original and remake I gotta say the original is much better. Sure the effects may not be as 'modern' but I still got a chill watching the original. Whereas the remake...well, I didn't even finish it.