Friday, 14 October 2016

Lament for a snow globe

Have been pulling out the old Halloween stuff I haven't seen in five years! Unfortunately, found one of my dollar store snow globes in pieces. Ironically it was one that had been broken before and replaced. It was one of my favourites; I mean look at the guy!

The skull guy 2011

I've been searching the local dollar stores to see if I could replace him but they don't seem to carry ANY snow globes anymore!

I was also disappointed to see that my beautiful Jack Skellington globe did not escape the effects of 5 years in storage. The paint on the base inside is starting to peel away :(

Here they are in happier days...

But while I lament the losses I was cheered up by the sight of many other old friends unscathed after their time in storage bins. Like this guy...

Old friend


Mark Faucett said...

You got that at a dollar store?! Your video is set to Private when I tried to play it.

P.E. Cor said...

Yes, at the dollar store. Of course, it was $2.00 but still, pretty great right?

Thanks for letting me know about the video. It's public now :)