Thursday, 20 October 2016

At the store...a while back

Let me say this... I did not fully appreciate Creepmas until I came back to this continent.

Here in this town Halloween stuff started hitting shelves end of August. By end of September Michael's was already having their end-of-season sale on Halloween items. I find this disturbing. Although I did take advantage of the situation and buy myself some evil bunting.

However, that said here are examples of fun Halloween merchandise found in the stores over a month ago...

...when I wasn't quite ready.

NOW, I'm ready. Except all you can find in stores now is *&#^%&^%* green and red! Not orange and black!! (Or purple and green...if you go that way.)

The only merchandise I could show you today are half empty shelves of candy and half-priced ceramic pumpkins. I could show you Christmas trees tho...

This explosion of Christmas crap that has hit the stores in the last three weeks --- when Halloween HASN'T EVEN HAPPENED YET -- well, it's left me feeling quite disgusted!

I do not like this. No. Not at all. Please some one put a stop to it.


NEW Rules of Halloween


1) Wear a costume

2) Pass out treats

3) Never blow out a Jack-O-Lantern

4) Always check your candy

5) Never stock shelves with Christmas stuff before October 31st!!