Friday, 30 September 2016

Old Man Mose is Dead...

He kicked the bucket...
F#%& it! F#%& it! F#%& it!

Yep, apparently the original lyrics include the f-word.

"Warning: Explicit language.
That’s right, explicit language. If you don’t like it in your music, please don’t listen. You’ve been warned!

This was the first known song which had the F word in it, and it was absolutely scandalous when it first came out in 1938. In fact, it not only uses the F word, it uses it repeatedly. Read the lyrics and you’ll see why! Too bad there wasn’t a TV performance like the spectacular one by Betty Hutton, albeit to tamer lyrics..." - Digital Citizen

This is the clean version..

But if you want to hear the original version or read the original lyrics then check out the link above.