Saturday, 17 September 2016

How do you spell relief?

A hot water bottle, a steaming mug of neo citran, a warm bed, and a purring cat.

Well, it's official. I'm completely exhausted, run down, and now, sick. Nothing serious. Just a cold. Anywho, what with the move and the continued challenges of settling in to the rental, going through the storage locker, finding a job, (my husband's working and adjusting to his own new schedule) and starting the search for a more permanent dwelling, well...I'm no spring chicken anymore that's for sure.

Finding time and enthusiasm for my favourite time of year is proving surprisingly difficult.

However, as motivation I've recently discovered that the owner of the house we're renting from is also a Halloween fan. Which does not come as a huge surprise given some of the stuff she has around the place (more on that later). So, I've been told the neighbourhood will kind of expect this particular address to do it up right!

I've got the Halloween boxes out of storage -- I think decorating will be where I put my energy -- already got the candy. Costume?

Probably the old standby that is easy and not too scary...the gypsy/fortune teller. Rita Hayworth looks good in it!

I'll probably look more like Rochester disguised as the fortune teller from Jane Eyre or, more likely, the mad woman in the attic.

Joolia Cappleman as Bertha 1983 BBC