Sunday, 14 August 2016

Halloween Costume Ideas

Recently saw the new Ghostbusters. I liked it! Much better than I'd been led to believe. Cameos by most original cast members (even Slimer) was cute touch. Kate McKinnon stole the show. I felt Melissa McCarthy's character was a misstep; straightest character I've seen her do and it didn't feel right somehow. Suspect there will be a multitude of Ghostbuster costumes this Halloween.

If you're looking for some different ideas for a costume, something more pagan-ee perhaps? Check these out...

Charles Fréger
21st C Pagan Garb

"Several years ago Charles Fréger set out to document the many costumes used all over Europe for pagan rituals, visiting 18 countries on his journey to pin down the archetype of the “Wild Man” that transcends any one culture. The pictures were then collected in a marvelous book called Wilder Mann. The costumes he found resemble something out of commedia dell’arte or Día de los Muertos, only far deeper and far stranger. They clearly represent the devil, billy goats, wild boars, and bizarre conflagrations thereof, using all manner of masks, straw, horns, pine twigs, antlers, bells, fur, and bones."