Friday, 17 June 2016

Space Music?

So, I've caught a few episodes of Nasa's Unexplained Files. It's a fun watch. Not only do you get caught up in the mysteries but most of the time they have a satisfying explanation.

This one tho, the 'space music' heard by Apollo 10 astronauts on the dark side of the moon, well, there was something about it. Although it's been explained away as VHF or radio interference I was intrigued. This does not sound like radio interference to me...

Something did not add up. I went online, as you do, and discovered the original audio. What you hear in the clip above is not what you hear in the audio released by NASA. In fact, the noise heard in the NASA audio is so clearly interference that, well, it's hard to understand why the astronauts would have thought otherwise.

Unless, of course, this audio is not what they heard.

And what exactly was in those brownies?