Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Symbols in the houses of the dead

Tomb lintels at the National Museum - Edinburgh, Scotland

"Some of the Orcadian tombs, builts as houses for the dead, were decorated with sacred symbols. These stones originally were lintels in two such tombs. Their decoration closely resembles that found on tombs in the Boyne Valley in eastern Ireland. 

It seems that the powerful people responsible for building these ancestral monuments in Orkney and Ireland were in contact with  one another. Such long distance links would have bolstered the local power of each elite group."

This is why I have a thing for spirals
So many interesting things to see at Scotland's National Museum. We went specifically to see the mesmerizing Celts exhibition. I recommend it if you are going to be anywhere in the UK in the coming months. It ends September 25, 2016. Check out the exhibition page.

The videos below were made by the British Museum where this exhibition started last year. Click here for an interesting review on the differences in this exhibit from London to Edinburgh.