Monday, 18 April 2016

Storm or Apocalypse?

So, last Thursday evening we both fell asleep on our respective couches while in front of the tv. Nothing unusual there. But at some point soon after a crazy ass storm hit. It was the thunder, wind, and hail banging on the windows that woke me up.

I immediately looked over to the window sill where I'd last seen one of our cats...not there. Clad only in my pjs I threw myself off the couch and out the back door into our small garden. Trees branches and thorny bougainvillea were whipping around, rain and hail were pelting down ( the Persian Gulf?) and although I could hear one of the cats I couldn't see her. I was in a bit of a blind panic I must admit.

Doha Storm Small from abdullah mumayiz on Vimeo.

As you can imagine, going from a nap on the couch to a scene from the apocalypse was a bit disconcerting. I was out there in that back yard trying to out scream the sounds of wind and thunder! I finally narrowed down the pitiful mewling I was hearing to under the bar-b-que. She poked her head out and I quickly scooped up cat #1 and retreated inside.

I put her down on the floor and raced upstairs to grab some towels. Coming back downstairs I noticed there were drops of blood on the floor...oh my god, she's hurt! I yelled instructions at my husband to figure out where she was bleeding while I then ran out the front door to see if I could find the other cat.

Outside the wind was blowing but not as strong. I could see a large tree branch down across the way and there were torrents of rain water pouring down the street. The rain was cold and by this point so was I as I was soaking wet! I ran back inside and grabbed my bath robe. On my way back downstairs my husband informed me that cat #1 seemed uninjured.

Back outside I finally spied cat #2 wading through ankle deep water towards our neighbours place. I scooped him up and returned inside where I quickly discovered I was the one bleeding. I'd cut my finger on something. The worst of the storm came and went in maybe 15 minutes. Whew! All safe and accounted for.

These are some scenes from around our compound the following morning...

Morning inspection with  cat #1
We know the people who live here.
They couldn't get out the front door at one point.

Lots of downed awnings!

Flooded tennis court