Friday, 22 April 2016

Frankenstein inspired

Almost two years ago now I did an online art course with MOMA - Experimenting with Collage. One of our assignments was to do an altered book project. I was a little tentative at first because, well, altering a book felt a little sacrilegious. But I suppose in these days of digital everything re purposing books into works of art isn't so bad.

First, I found a hard cover copy of one of the Outlander books lying around the lunch room at my husband's place of work. Lots of people leave books there they are finished with and don't want anymore.

I was going to go with a theme because the name of the book was An Echo in the Bone, but I gave that up in favor of doing whatever I felt like. There are a couple of pages worthy of the word 'spooky' I think. This is one...

Altered book project page

Damien Hurst's show had been here and I had a little booklet with pics of some of his works in it. If you look closely at these Frankenstein inspired pages you will see his diamond skull peeking out.

The face does have something to do with Frankenstein but I'm sorry I can't remember now. And I don't have the book anymore. It seems to have disappeared!