Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Eva Green as Ms Peregrine? I like it!

Happy International Women's Day! #onedayIwill

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children Photos Debut
Have I ever told you about how I spent most of my childhood in a group home for children? It's true. No, it was not located in the midst of a time bubble. Although it did have a rather old worldy, colonial, British missionary couple running it. And we were often made to watch endless slide shows of children in far flung places whose lives (and wardrobes apparently) had been "made better."

But there was also a rather magical place they took us to during the summers. A place of log cabins, tall trees, bonfires, and a leech filled pond. We had many secret meeting places there like the "Blueberry Patch." Full of blueberry bushes it was also, unfortunately, located next to the 'dump' - the open swamp/pit where the boys were told to dump our garbage.

There was also a place we were forbidden to go...a 'valley' filled with fruit trees, tall ferns and a long barbed wire fence. Beyond this fence was a huge dark wood filled with countless tall pines and littered with huge boulders, seemingly dropped at random by giants. Hmmm......