Sunday, 8 November 2015

Gorey's Black Doll and the Tinies

Oh yeah, and here's another crafting idea for next year. Simple, elegant, and very creepy. I love it!

Find it at The Gorey Store
A life-long friend of Edward Gorey's made the Black Doll for him in 1942. Gorey visited her while she was making it, and upon seeing it insisted on keeping it in its unfinished state, lacking a face, arms and clothing. In spite of her objection, Edward Gorey prevailed. It may be the first recorded instance of Gorey's enduring dedication to engaging the imagination. The incomplete Black Doll has remained a recurring enigma for almost 70 years appearing in many of Gorey's books and drawing as well as being the subject of his silent screenplay. This is the first time The Black Doll has been produced for Edward Gorey's devoted following. - Source

Oh and there's just so much more at The Gorey Store! Like did you know it's the 50th anniversary of the Gashlycrumb Tinies! Or that there are holiday cards available?! Gosh, I could do all my festive shopping right there!

Except not many of my family and friends share my Gorey appreciation :(

BUT if any of them want to get me something, well, I can tell them where to shop!

Not that I really need anything...

I could make myself the doll...

But, ok, I really wouldn't mind a Gashlycrumb Tinies mug. The problem, of course, is which one to choose! I mean who doesn't like Amy? Desmond is rather festive and let's not forget George under that rug. And Kate, well, she is a classic! One of my favs tho has always been Neville...

Which Tinie would you choose?