Thursday, 22 October 2015

"We're not safe! We're not spared!"

I thought Season 1 of The Leftovers was brilliant but wasn't sure I could handle its darkness. But I kept watching. And was glad I did. But still, where do you go from there? I know the book it's based on is pretty much tapped out so from here on in it's going to be the writer's who flesh out this weird and mysterious premise.

I watched the premiere of the second season recently with...well, I was trying not to have any expectations. And I was blown away.

From the change in opening credits, to the weird time shift opening scene of the cavewoman and baby, and then the introduction of a new family in a new town, Miracle, Texas, well, I was very much on board. Hurray for Lindelof (and Perrotta) for a tv series that leaves me speculating at the end of each episode.

Did you know there's a guy out there that sees this show as "evidence of an Occult ritual hijacking of this space-time domain" ?!