Tuesday, 6 October 2015


The reason I brought up Ripper Street yesterday was so I could follow up on something that happened in Season 3.

SPOILER ALERT - You've been warned. If you haven't seen Season 3, like a certain Celtic Pumpkin ;), then do NOT read any further...

You see, the big tragedy in Inspector Reid's life was as a result of a ship board explosion in which he was gravely injured and his young daughter disappeared...presumed dead. The loss of their daughter has left a deep scar in the lives and marriage of Mr and Mrs Reid. Especially as Inspector Reid can't seem to let go--in the deepest part of his heart he believes his daughter is still alive. Even after almost a decade.

His belief proves true when it's discovered she'd been locked away in someone's basement for years. Reasonably looked after but still...how well adjusted can you be after spending 10 very formative years locked away? Which is why I'm interested to see where they will take that story line.

And in completely new series there is a similar story line. Thirteen is not a period piece. Set in a contemporary world it's described as a "psychological drama about who to trust when you can’t even trust yourself." And the trust issues stem from the main character's experience of having been locked away in a cellar for thirteen years. The series starts with or just after her escape.

Intriguing...I'll have to check it out.