Saturday, 3 October 2015

Mystery Movie of the Week - updated!

Young and Innocent (directed by Hitchcock) makes for some fun viewing! It's based on a novel by Josephine Tey (A Shilling for Candles). "Tey, whose real name was Elizabeth MacKintosh, is herself something of a mystery. A teacher from Inverness, Scotland, she began publishing novels in 1929 under the name Gordon Daviot, the first of her pseudonyms." Tey was such a private and mysterious individual that her biographer (Nicola Upson) gave up on ever sorting through the half truths of Tey's life and instead wrote a novel, An Expert in Murder (another review here).

I started reading Tey waaaaay back. I think I found some old musty copies of her books in a barn while up at summer camp. I read The Singing Sands, Bratt Fararr and, much later, her very intriguing The Daughter of Time. That last title centres around a bed-ridden 20th C detective's attempt to solve the mystery of the two young male skeletons found in the Tower of London (thought to have died during the reign of Richard III). 

So, if you are looking for some great seasonal mystery reading (or viewing) I recommend Tey!