Saturday, 31 October 2015

Mystery Movie of the Week - FAIL

Well, the movie I wanted to post, Dragonwyck with Vincent Price, got removed from YouTube :( So, if you find another full length version there watch it quick! Here's the original trailer...

You can also listen to the Lux Radio broadcast here. But before I go I wanted to include a little gem I stumbled on the other day.

Now, I'm pretty sure I've seen Meet me in St. Louis BUT if so then how on earth did I forget this amazing Halloween scene! "Minnelli claimed that that sequence was the principal reason he did the film..."  (from A Thought on a Moment in Meet Me in St. Louis).

Now THIS is Halloween! A bunch of small kids running around in the dark in imaginative costumes they've pulled together themselves! And who started that bonfire? And throwing flour at people's houses? And what houses, gosh! Must be a ghost or two in there!  (“Darn those youths!” Halloween in the 1900s)

I'd forgotten about the mischief.

I remember flour, eggs, toilet paper, and exploding paper bags of cat poop were the things youth did 'back in my day.' Although in my hometown these things were done the night before Halloween. It was called Mat Night. Presumably because stealing people's front door mats was part of the tradition.

Whatever your traditions I hope you have a spooky and safe(ish) Halloween!