Friday, 9 October 2015

Midwinter of the Spirit

"This adaptation of Phil Rickman’s books was an exceptionally creepy visit to the spirit world..."

Midwinter of the Spirit is a new three parter on ITV based on a book series I'd never heard of. At the heart of the series is vicar/exorcist Merrily Watkins. Her job entails the usual marriages and christenings but also 'deliverance' the new word for exorcism. Or, as Merrily's daughter Jane put its -- "ghost busting for Jesus!"

No head spinning but it's one of those works-on-your-nerves creeping very spookily along type of stories. I only got through the first episode after a 20 minute think-I'll-go-wash-the-dishes break! For the 2nd episode I found myself having to stop after Merrily sees a nasty vision. And so fortified with a hot cup of tea and a couple of digestives (seriously!) I made my way through the rest of it. 

For some reason I've always found demons and possession particularly creepy (but no, I won't be watching the reality show version on Halloween night as exploitation ain't my thing). But honestly, Midwinter of the Spirit has got to be my favourite tv viewing this Halloween season so far.

I've been so captured by the character of Merrily (her name comes from a Christmas carol--the one with "ding dong merrily on high" in the chorus..HA!) that I bought myself the first book (audio) in the series!