Monday, 5 October 2015

Have you seen Ripper Street?

This is another one of those shows we watch religiously...regularly. Well, we do and it's great! But the fate of the series seemed doomed when BBC cancelled it! Then Amazon Prime stepped in and we got a third season. For which we were extremely grateful given the unresolved mystery/tragedy surrounding Inspector Edmund Reid. And with the resolution of that in Season 3 I felt satisfied.

But now I'm more than that as Amazon has announced there will be a Season 4 and 5! So, if you haven't seen this excellent moody Dickensian thriller/mystery well, this is prime Halloween viewing.


Rook Wilder said...

I have just finished up Season 2 and intend to pick up Season 3 at my local library. The wife and I have been watching our way through Murdoch Mysteries but have had to pause after Season 6 because some insensitive cads (3 of them) are ahead of me on the queue for Season 7. As I wait I thought it a good time to slip Ripper Street into the gap, and thus did we watch Season 1. We watched the whole of Season 2 over the past few days thanks to the weather keeping us indoors. I suppose I will have to wait some time for any Season 4 or 5 at my library.

P.E. Cor said...

Sounds like perfect hurricane binge watching! Hope Season 3 is available to you soon!

Don't read tomorrow's post cause there's a spoiler in it... :)