Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Halloween in Canada #4

Halloween at Wineglass Ranch, Alberta 1907-08 (Glenbow Archives)
Excerpt: Halloween in Alberta

From the start Halloween in Alberta was marked by “general nuisance” and “sundry pranks,” such as soaping windows, unhinging gates, or moving property. 

Reporting on Halloween in Innisfail in 1897, the Calgary Herald noted that “several small buildings took the usual trot around town during the evening.” 

Generally speaking, these items were left where they could be found – the goal was to create a nuisance, not to steal. 

Occasionally, however, people were left searching for their property the next day. In 1925, a farmer posted a notice in the Red Deer News requesting that the 'Halloween revellers' who removed his garden gate "kindly return the same forthwith or indicate…where they have taken it...” - by Allan Rowe