Sunday, 15 March 2015

Mystery Feature #3 - the Secret Door

14 Secret Bookcase Doors - Always Fun and Always Mysterious

Who doesn't have a fascination for hidden doors and secret rooms? My childhood home had one in the downstairs den. My father built a bookcase there that opened up to reveal the entrance to our crawlspace - which I thought was our own secret room.

There was a movie!?
I loved that we had a hidden doorway! I was a little more ambivalent about the space beyond it tho. In there was my brother's train diorama, my mother's cedar hope chest, and the storage cupboards my Dad built. And behind those storage cupboards was a long, narrow, dark space where I was sure a monster lurked.

My brother lured me into that crawlspace one day then snuck out, turned off the light, and closed the bookcase. I remember watching that rectangle of light close as I raced toward it. When it closed I was in the darkest dark and right beside that storage cupboard. I just froze in place.

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I don't know if I screamed or just got very, very quiet (so as not to attract the monster). My brother eventually turned the light back on and went off to hide somewhere. He was always leaping out of cupboards or from behind doors and frightening the crap out of me.

And my mother used to wonder why I was so "high strung!"

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