Tuesday, 3 February 2015

The Night Mare

Love that cover art
I hadn't been in Newfoundland long before I heard someone mention the "old hag." Wha? "You know, that creepy ghost/witch/thing that comes in the night to paralyze and suffocate you?" Oh, right.

And then in one of my Folklore classes we were assigned David Hufford's, The Terror that Comes in the Night. All of a sudden the old hag had what I thought was a fascinating scientific explanation...sleep paralysis! And a new word, hypnagogic, entered my vocabulary (well, for a while anyway...can't say I've used it much lately).

Now, personally, I've only had this kind of experience once or twice in my life. I've never seen anything or felt like I couldn't breath but I have experienced the extreme dread, the auditory phenomena and the paralysis. I also thought, just like many others, that I could break the paralysis if I could just get my little finger to move! Which did seem to work for me.

If you want to know more well, you can read Hufford's book (or this review). You can read more at the Sleep Paralysis Project OR you could try and catch the 2008 documentary below (was available on Amazon last year?).

OR you could try and catch this NEW documentary by Rodney Ascher called, of course, The Nightmare that was recently at Sundance.
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