Thursday, 5 February 2015

More Winter Horror

Praying for Mercy by me
Well, winter back on Canada's East coast seems like the usual horror.

Yeah, Canadian winters are hard. And coping with them seems to get harder as you age. The year we were back home made us remember many things about winter and snow. There was lots of snow but still...

Not as bad as the Winter of 2000-01 when the city had over 21 feet of snow. I kid you not. There was a blizzard a week for 7 weeks in a row. We didn't have a car then so we had to walk everywhere.

The climate on the Avalon Peninsula usually means winters are a series of freezes and thaws. So, even when we get a big snowfall some of it will melt away when it inevitably rains. But that winter it stayed cold and the snow kept accumulating. And because snow removal in St. John's is notoriously bad things got ridiculous.

Just across the street from where we lived was a narrow lane way connecting our street with the parking lot for the city's large Basilica. There was a rather high fence on either side of it--at least 7 if not 8 feet. When the snow pile was at its worst the top of that fence was level with my knees. Seriously. Really. I am not kidding.

And this is where we're planning on returning to? [shudder]