Saturday, 14 February 2015

I am a hotel...RIP Toller

Adrift Somewhere by Toller Cranston
Ok, so you read my somewhat cynical post about Valentine's but I have to admit I was once an incredibly romantic and imaginative young thing. The recent death of Toller Cranston made me remember that. Who? Well, Toller Cranston was THE figure skater back in the 1970s. As far as I was concerned.

As a girl, watching him compete/perform on tv, well, he was just so, oh!! I'd never seen anyone express themselves in a way that spoke to all the ideas my little self had about romance back then. He was the incarnation of what my Arthur-and-his-Knights obsessed self thought a romantic troubadour would have been.

So, after reading several obits about Mr. Cranston recently and watching old footage of his competitive skating years I remembered something else. I remembered seeing him in an imaginative short film that featured Leonard Cohen's music and some amazing Canadian dance talent. Lo and behold I found it, I am a Hotel. It was made for CBC tv back in 1983 and completely blew me away the first time I saw it.

As today is Valentine's I think it's a good choice. Yeah, it's true there are no ghosts here but it just might scare up a few as you watch these stories illustrate the more adult and complicated emotional state we call love.

Oh yeah, and that other closely related and often confusing state of being...desire.

Toller Cranston, by the way, is the hotel manager and husband to the Gypsy Wife.