Sunday, 8 February 2015

Anti-Valentine's or Single Awareness Day

From the early days of elementary school to middle-aged complacency Valentine's has just never been a thing for me. Remember back in elementary school when you all punched out those little cards, addressed them to your class mates, then placed them in the empty box at the front of the class? The teacher would then go through them calling out your name to come pick yours up...and the counting would begin. It was my first lesson in what 'popularity,' and not so popular, meant. (Who does that to seven year olds?)

Later, as a young adult, there were other dilemmas. Like where to go eat in order to avoid any of that romance stuff (fast food works best) OR how to navigate the emotional roller coaster of the end of your first serious relationship OR respond to the dozen roses the guy you met overseas last summer just had delivered to you (a beautiful, romantic gesture but what did it mean!?).

Sure, my husband and I have done the fancy dinner and date thing but honestly in Canada the middle of February does NOT entice one outside. The cozy nest of blankets on the couch near the radiator and tv has far more appeal. And here in the desert, well, dinner out can be quite costly. Especially if you want a glass of wine with your meal. And, well, as you may have guessed I've just never done 'romance' very well.

So if you've had it with the traditional Valentine's Day but, for some reason, are still looking for ways to, ah, celebrate well, here are a few ideas.

Still feeling the sting of a failed relationship? The San Francisco Zoo is offering you the chance to adopt a hairy scorpion or hissing cockroach in your ex's honour.

20 Anti-Valentine’s Day Quotes For Singles

Or what about a little Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre (on February 13 - how apropos). If you can't make that, well you can host your own. And you could make it extra fun for the other guests by constantly checking your phone for the messages sent by your fake new beau---courtesy Invisible Boyfriend app. (I guess there really is an app for everything.)

Me? Well, there will be no cards or chocolates. No special dinner. It will be a day and night just like most others.

And that, my dears, is the real anti-Valentines.


Mark Faucett said...

I must have subconciously blocked out the "popularity Valentine box" from elementary school... thanks for dredging up all those old feelings! ;)

P.E. Cor said...

tee hee...hope it wasn't too traumatizing!