Sunday, 21 December 2014

Just in case...

Remember back to December 21, 2012? The date that was predicted to be the end of the world according to the Mayan calendar? And then that day came and went?  Well, obviously the calculations were off but we ALL know the world, as we know it, will one day end. So, if you're like me -- always scanning the horizon for the signs -- here's a little something you can comfort yourself with in the meantime.

The "Just in Case" survival kit from MENOSUNOCEROUNO includes:

  • Chocolate - Abuelita, Mexican dark chocolate laced with cinnamon and covered in case you need to run
  • Notebook - handy item with which you can record the end of times  
  • Simple Knife - to cut things with because stabbing anyone/thing with this is gonna take a lot of work 
  • Matches - you will need to light a fire at some point...maybe to cook that thing you stabbed 99 times 
  • Liquor - Xtabentun D'arlstl, Mayan liquer from Yucatan cause you WILL need a drink...also handy for sterilizing that knife   
  • Water 1L - with which you can survive on for up to ten days...unless you're nursing a hangover in which case, well, hope it was worth it