Saturday, 29 November 2014

Stop! For God's sake Reid, STOP!!

I don't know if you guys watch BBC's Ripper Street? The first series/season takes place in Whitechapel, London not long after the reign of terror created by Jack the Ripper. It's gritty, as London, and especially Whitechapel, seems to have been back then. Our central characters are Inspector Reid (Matthew Macfadyen); his competent, quiet and occasionally violent right hand man, Sergeant Bennet Drake (Jerome Flynn); and the American alcoholic ex-Army surgeon and Pinkerton agent, Homer Jackson (Adam Rothenberg), they meet along the way.

As well as the weekly crimes to solve there are intriguing longer arcing character development plots. One centres around the Inspector's loss of his young daughter in a ship board explosion. Drake's story involves his love for a young prostitute, Rose, who works with Long Susan the erswhile fiance of our American neer-do-well. Our surgeon/forensic guy, Homer Jackson, by the way, has his own story involving a checkered and criminal past and, of course, his rocky relationship with Susan.

After two entertaining seasons it looked like Ripper Street was at an end. An expensive production and a drop in viewers meant the axe. Until Amazon stepped forward and rescued it. Yay!

So, my husband and I were very excited to sit down the other night and watch the first two episodes of Season 3. The story begins by letting the viewers know that some time has passed following the pivotal events that closed Season 2. Our heroes have all gone their separate ways but we don't have to wait long for a new and terribly gruesome story to unfold. Within minutes of the first episode's beginning a spectacular train collision, on a bridge conveniently close to Whitechapel's police station, brings all our main characters back together amid heaps of charred metal and flesh.

Well, that was intense. But not nearly as CRAZY as what happens to Inspector Reid in the 2nd episode!! His story becomes so dark I'm not sure I can even carry on watching it. They've done something with Reid that I don't think they can come back from! Why!? Why!?

I won't give any more away but if you happen to watch it and have some opinions and theories, PLEASE, PLEASE let me know in the comments section.