Thursday, 2 October 2014

Lacock Feature - Intro

This time of year I sometimes have a hankering to watch Harry Potter because they really do capture a bit of that Halloween magic that I used to feel as a kid. And speaking of magic, I was lucky enough to be at Lacock Abbey (below) in Wiltshire, England, back in the Spring of 2010.

Lacock Abbey in Spring 2010 (by me)
Why magical, you ask? Well that's because Lacock Abbey, and nearby village, were filming locations for at least three of the Harry Potter series (The Philospher's Stone, Chamber of Secrets, and The Half Blood Prince).

Hogwarts/Godric's Hollow
Location: Lacock Abbey, Wiltshire
Often used for telly costume dramas, the Abbey at Lacock, just down the road from Malfoy Manor in Wiltshire, appeared in The Philosopher's Stone and The Half-Blood Prince. Not only are Quirinus Quirrel's classroom and Severus Snape's laboratory found here, but the cloisters - dating all the way back to 1232 - were stalked by Argus Filch and his scrawny cat, Mrs. Norris. The neighbouring village of Lacock was the inspiration for Godric's Hollow and was used for filming The Half-Blood Prince, although for The Deathly Hallows production shifted to Lavenham in Suffolk (presumably it was easier for Nagini to get to). - Source

Sad to say I didn't see any Hogwarts denizens while there...or did I?